PGP Universal Server and Intermediate Certificates


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This article describes how to import an intermediate SSL Certificate to PGP Universal Server.


Use the following steps to import the certificate: 

  1. Log into PGP Universal Server with administrative rights ( Full Administrator or SuperUser).
  2. Click Keys > Trusted Keys.
  3. At the bottom of the list, choose Add a trusted key.
  4. Import / Paste your root certificate and and place a checkmark next to Trust for TLS and Trust for SSL.
  5. Repeat the process for the intermediate certificate.
  6. Go to the Services > Web Messenger tab.
  7. Disable the Web Messenger service, and once it refreshes, re-enable Web Messenger.
  8. Go to your browser and clear the cache and cookies within your internet options.
  9. Go to https://KEYS.YOURDOMAIN.COM in a new browser window to verify there is no certificate errors.

Applies To

  • PGP Universal Server
  • Managed PGP Desktop client
  • SSL - Intermediate Certificate (Third Party)