Error "Login failed" or "Could not establish connection to network" occurs when trying to use Barcode on a handheld device to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server


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When using Barcode on a handheld device to try to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server, this fails and results in one of two errors:

"Login failed. Please check your credentials and try again."


"Could not establish connection to network."





This key Barcode article describes how to check that the handheld device is configured correctly and that Barcode is installed successfully to troubleshoot authentication or sync issues to the Symantec Management Platform server. In addition, related troubleshooting articles are also included at the bottom of this article for reference.

  • What is the manufacturer and model of the handheld device and is this one that Barcode is designed to work with? If not, Symantec cannot guarantee that Barcode will work with it. Change the handheld device to one that Barcode is designed to work. Then, if still necessary, continue going through this list. For more information on what handheld devices Barcode is designed to work with, please refer to the following article:

    What handheld devices is Barcode Solution 7.1 designed to work with?
  • Was Barcode installed onto the handheld device by a user who was logged into the workstation as a local administrator? If not, Barcode will not be able to successfully authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server due to a lack of user permissions. Uninstall Barcode on the handheld device, log into the workstation as a user that is a local administrator and who is in an Altiris user role that has the ability to install Barcode from a Symantec Management Platform console and then reinstall Barcode onto the handheld device. Information on why a non-local administrator will not be able to install Barcode onto a handheld device can be found in the following article:

    Unable to authenticate to the Symantec Management Platform server using Barcode Solution on a handheld device
  • Does Windows Mobile show that the handheld device is Connected? If not, this must be resolved before Barcode can work on it to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server. Open Windows Mobile on the workstation that the handheld device is connected to. Windows Mobile should open after the handheld device is connected. If not, it can be manually ran by going to the "C:\Windows\WindowsMobile" folder and then running "WmdHost.exe". The handheld device will show as either "Connected" or "Not Connected'. Note: If trying to run Windows Mobile fails to open it, reboot the workstation to help resolve this before continuing. 

    Connected: The handheld device should show as "Connected". If so, skip to the next bullet point. If not, continue troubleshooting this issue.

    Not Connected: If the handheld device shows as "Not Connected", this must be resolved before continuing. A handheld device showing as "Not Connected" can indicate an issue with the handheld device, the method of connection (USB cable or wireless), etc. Ensure that the handheld is cradled in the receiver and not being used wirelessly. If this works but wireless does not, if wireless is desired to be used, perform troubleshooting later with the wireless function and/or contact the handheld device's manufacturer for technical support but use the handheld device for now while cradled. For example, the wireless device driver may not be installed or configured to work. Until this does, Widows Mobile will not be able to detect the device and connect to it. Also, ensure that the USB port hat the cradle is plugged in to has sufficient voltage to accommodate it; some are low-voltage and may not.

    Note: Until this issue is resolved, Barcode will not be able to be used to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server. Please contact your network administrator or the handheld's manufacturer for further assistance in troubleshooting Windows Mobile and handheld device connection issues.

  • Is Windows Mobile configured correctly to allow the handheld device access to the work network? If not, change this to the work network to allow the handheld device network access to the Symantec Management Platform server.

    1. In Windows Mobile, click on "Connect without setting up your device".
    2. Click on "Connection settings".
    3. Ensure that "This computer is connected to" is set to "Work Network". Note: The "Automatic" connection setting may also work but often does not. It is recommended to use "Work Network" to ensure this is set to be used.
    4. Other device settings may also affect the ability to connect to the work network. The defaults are shown below. Note: It is unnecessary to set up a device "partnership" or other functions in Windows Mobile, such as file synchronization, email configuration setup, etc., as these are not used by Barcode.

    5. Click on the OK button to save changes.
  • Is Windows Mobile configured correctly to enable connections over the correct hardware device? This can be either Bluetooth or COM1. If Bluetooth is not configured, selecting this will result in one of the two main errors, depending on what is used for credentials. This should be set to COM1 therefore if it is unclear if Bluetooth is working or not.
  • Can the handheld's Internet Explorer connect to the Symantec Management Platform? Try:


    Where "<servername>" is the name of the Symantec Management Platform. This should result in an IIS welcome screen.

    Also try:


    This should result in a credentials prompt to access the Console.

    If either of these work, there are still network/configuration issues occurring with either the handheld device and/or Windows Mobile that must be resolved before continuing trying to use Barcode.
  • During the authentication or sync attempt, are the Altiris user's credentials being entered correctly in the correct format? Ensure that the user's password is entered correctly as there is no "verify password" field to double check this. There are also several ways of providing user credentials to the Symantec Management Platform server from Barcode on the handheld device. These ways are described in the following article:

    How do users authenticate a handheld device with Barcode Solution?
  • The handheld device or its connection to the workstation (hardware) may be the issue. If possible, try a different handheld device (even if it's the same model) or try the current handheld device on a different workstation. For example, does the authentication or sync work when the handheld device is used directly on the Symantec Management Platform server?
  • If none of the suggestions here enable Barcode to authenticate or sync to the Symantec Management Platform server, continue troubleshooting by using advanced authentication and sync troubleshooting techniques. Many of these are documented in the following article:

    How to perform advanced troubleshooting for authentication or sync issues for Barcode Solution 7.1

Handheld device functionality and connecting to Windows Mobile

As noted above, Barcode has no ability to make the handheld work to connect to the workstation or Windows Mobile. If either are failing, please contact your network administrator or handheld device's manufacturer for further assistance. Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist in troubleshooting hardware or Winows Mobile issues: these are required to be working before Barcode is attempted to be used, even if they previously worked but now do not.

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