PGP Desktop 10.2.0 - Resolved Issues. Including Maintenance Packs


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This article details a list of resolved issues in PGP Desktop 10.2.0 including all Maintenance Packs (MP).



PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP5

  • Resolved the issue where Microsoft Excel 2010 files larger than 1MB took longer to open when PGP Tray is running than when it was not. [2663210]
  • Resolved an incompatibility with Security BOX FileCrypt software from SkyRecon Systems. [2679899]
  • Resolved an issue so that PGP NetShare-protected Microsoft Office (Word or Excel) files retain their encryption if the file is opened and saved. [2684080]
  • Resolved an issue with current window and clipboard decryption so that any unsecured text in the current window or clipboard remains in the output. [2698879]
  • Resolved the intermittent SSO login failures that could occur if the system administrator implemented an interactive login banner (which required the user to click through before the Windows logon dialog box is displayed). [2705946]
  • Resolved an issue so that a user can no longer use PGP NetShare to protect a folder if an ADK does not include the PGP NetShare usage flag. [2716244]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Whole Disk Encryption where changing the password on Windows 7 systems using other than the Ctrl+Alt+Delete process didn’t synchronize with PGP BootGuard. [2576203]
  • Resolved the issue where a changed Windows SSO password stopped synchronizing with PGP BootGuard, and required the user to use the old PGP BootGuard passphrase. [2636263]
  • Resolved the issue where after installing or upgrading to PGP Desktop 10.2 MP2 and rebooting, the system appeared to hang at the PGP BootGuard “Verifying Authentication” screen. [2639708]
  • Resolved the issue where custom PGP BootGuard text did not get applied. Note that when customizing the PGP BootGuard screen, enter a maximum of 79 characters (if using UTF-8 characters). Exceeding this number of characters results in a truncated line of text in the PGP BootGuard screen. [2660786]
  • Added support for the new version of the Aladdin eToken PRO Java 72K token. [2698685]
  • Improved Whole Disk Recovery Token support for external devices that are encrypted. [2706066]
  • Resolved the issue so that PGP Shredder now wipes files as expected when the PGP NetShare driver is not installed. [2740691]
  • Resolved the issue so that a Mac OS X client bound to an Active Directory domain now uses the login name (rather than the display name) to log in at PGP BootGuard. [2706117]
  • Resolved the issue where the Entourage Apple Script “decrypt + verify” was not able to decrypt the contents of the message. [2633395]


PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP4

  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop where the PGP memory locking facility did not function correctly. [2555654]
  • Resolved the issue where the Microsoft Windows SP1 upgrade fails on a drive that has been encrypted with PGP WDE. [2606813]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop where pen, touch or USB devices no longer worked after encrypting the drive on a Dell Tablet XT or XT2 systems. [2636335]
  • Resolved the incompatibility with PGP Desktop for Windows and the autoupdate functionality of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.x. [2655067]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP WDE command line where the –check-bypass command did not show remaining count. [2635638]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP WDE which caused disk encryption to run slowly on Dell E6420 systems with the i5 processor and AES-NI support. [2656603]
  • Resolved the issue where mail was decrypted and not verified when malformed S/MIME messages are received. [2571902]
  • Resolved the issue where changes made on the PGP Universal Server to the PGP BootGuard screen were not being applied to the client system. [2620687]
  • Resolved the issue where the system did not boot after installing the Mac OS X 10.7.3 combo update on a drive that has been encrypted with PGP WDE. [2653110]


PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP3

  • Resolved the issue with PGP NetShare that would cause a whitelist folder with many files on a slow network share to be inaccessible. [2598512]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop for Windows where linked Microsoft Access database files could not be opened after encrypting with PGP NetShare. [2497551]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP NetShare where decryption would fail if opening a text file on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 share with Wordpad on a Microsoft Windows 7 system. [2476429]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Netshare that was causing corruption in Polytron Version Control System (PVCS) files. [2476127]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop Whole Disk Encryption that would cause some Windows systems to experience a blue screen error at boot up. [2572938]
  • Resolved the issue with PGP Desktop for Windows where an admin password was not accepted at PGP BootGuard if the system was marked as stolen using PGP Remote Disable & Destroy. [2576168]
  • Resolved an issue that caused an Apple MacBook Air running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) to not boot if the hard drive was encrypted with PGP Desktop Whole Disk Encryption. [2579318]


PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP2

  • Resolved the incompatibility issue with PGP Desktop and the newer 2011 (August 2011 and later) editions of MacBook Air and Mac mini computers. [2579318]


PGP Desktop 10.2.0 MP1

  • PGP Desktop now supports using anonymized key Ids for file encryption and decryption. [22610/2489241]
  • Resolved the issues with compatibility between PGP Desktop and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Viewer did not directly support decrypting emails from Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X. Note that Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X version 14.1.0 is required. [31286/2476243]


PGP Desktop 10.2.0


  • General improvements have been made to the localized (French, German, Japanese, Spanish) text in the PGP Desktop (Windows and Mac OS X) user interface.
  • PGP Desktop for Mac OS X now successfully decrypts the contents of the clipboard. [27290]
  • Improved support in certificate matching for UTF-8 strings. [28538]
  • Resolved issues with multiple prompts to enter a passphrase after rebooting a Mac OS X system. [30687]
  • Resolved an issue that was causing PGP Desktop for Mac OS X users to be prompted for enrollment when connecting to network via Airport. [29654]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Desktop for Windows could halt unexpectedly in certain situations if the computer was taken offline. [30998]


  • Added functionality in PGP Desktop for Mac OS X so that if the PGP Universal Server Authorization Cookie is missing, a new one will be generated after prompting the user for LDAP credentials. [28917, 29340]
  • Resolved issues during enrollment when PGP Desktop for Windows attempted to secure a disk using an expired certificate. [29039]
  • Resolved issues with installations of PGP Desktop for Windows failing for users who have user names containing "." (such as alice.cameron or .acameron). [30011]
  • Improved compatibility with HTTP-based third-party keyservers. [29258]
  • PGP Desktop now continues with enrollment if SKM is the only key mode allowed by PGP Universal Server policy and a GKM key already exists for the user on PGP Universal Server. [29803]

PGP Keys

  • Resolved an issue in the Key Selection dialog box where commas in names (in the form of “last name, first name”) displayed only the last name of the user. [26548]
  • Users can no longer remove the Additional Decryption Key (ADK) from managed installations. [29048]
  • Resolved an issue so users can now email keys from within PGP Desktop using Microsoft Outlook 2003. [29441]
  • PGP Desktop now supports using CAPI-based keys and smart card credentials in Citrix/Windows Terminal Server environments for post-boot functionality, such as email and PGP NetShare, is supported. [20613]
  • Resolved the issue when enrollment on PGP Desktop for Windows would hang when advanced security was enabled for a CAPI-based key on Windows 7 systems. [21265]
  • Resolved the issue when OpenPGP key flags were not being updated properly when migrating keys from one version of PGP Universal Server to another. [31123]

PGP Messaging

  • Resolved the issue where items in the MAPI Sent Items folder were not encrypted (depending on the recipients). [20304]
  • Resolved the issue where Lotus Notes messages with attachments where the file name was more than 120 characters could not be sent. The limit for file names is now 256 characters. [26096]
  • Resolved the issue where disabling the PGP Notifier would block outbound SMTP messages. [28296]
  • For managed systems, added a new preference to control whether recipients are listed in MAPI Non Delivery Receipts (NDRs). [28518]
  • Improved compatibility between Microsoft Outlook Clients with Cached Exchange Mode off and Microsoft Exchange 2010. [27927]
  • Resolved issues with how PGP Desktop for Windows handles IBM Lotus Notes email addresses with angle brackets and email messages in Notes Rich Text Format (RTF). [28648]
  • When sending email and searching for certificates to sign the message with, the search is no longer case sensitive. [29386]
  • Improved compatibility with other OpenPGP email programs that do not correctly specify the OpenPGP character set. [29112]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Desktop did not encrypt MAPI email on Windows 2008 Server R2 systems unless a registry key modification was made. [25507]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Notes did not handle a PGP Partitioned email with an encoded PGP attachment. [31288]

PGP NetShare

  • Resolved issues with the PGP NetShare user interface when adding and removing groups of key users. [24250]
  • Improved compatibility between PGP NetShare and Symantec Endpoint Virtualization. [29577]
  • Resolved issues when using smartcards with PGP NetShare. [29609, 29553]
  • Resolved incompatibility issues with PGP NetShare and Microsoft Excel 2007 on Windows 7 systems. [28664]
  • PGP NetShare now uses user isolation to protect data and increase security in Windows Vista/7 environments with fast user switching. [30059]
  • The PGP NetShare properties tab is now available on 64-bit Windows Vista. [17622]
  • PGP NetShare now allows you to remove more than one "unknown" user at a time from the user access list. [22222]
  • PGP NetShare can now protect folders with a path name that is longer than 64 characters (both local paths and UNC paths). [26671]

PGP Portable

  • Resolved issues with accessing PGP Portable devices on read-only media. [29525]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP Portable did not allow you to create multiple PGP Portable Disks at one time. [27057]

PGP Remote Disable & Destroy

  • Numerous improvements made in PGP RDD. [29717]

PGP Shred

  • esolved the issue where files were corrupted if a file with hard links was shredded when emptying the Windows Recycle bin. [29777, 29706]

PGP Whole Disk Encryption

  • Resolved the issue with extended partitions on removable drives not being recognized by PGP WDE for Windows. [28490]
  • Resolved compatibility issues between PGP WDE for Windows using single sign-on and Intel PROSet Pre-Logon Connect. [23501]
  • Resolved issues with inconsistent UUIDs for removable disks in PGP WDE for Windows. [28830]
  • PGP WDE for Mac OS X correctly restores the boot.efi file upon decryption of the disk. [28921]
  • The user name is no longer case sensitive for any commands in PGP WDE command line. [29235]
  • Resolved issues related to re-imaging systems that were previously encrypted using PGP Desktop for Mac OS X. [29248]
  • The --add-bypass command in PGP WDE command line now works as expected when executed using the “Run As” command as a member of the WDE-ADMIN. [29300]
  • Improved performance at boot time on systems encrypted with PGP WDE for Windows when there are multiple e-Token users added to the disk. [18983]
  • Resolved issues with USB devices that were no longer working on Dell XT1 Tablet PCs after encrypting the disk with PGP WDE for Windows on systems running Microsoft Windows 7/Vista. [28723]
  • Resolved incompatibility issues with PGP WDE when booting into Microsoft Windows using Apple Boot Camp on certain MacBook Pro systems. [29903]
  • Improved compatibility with the Aladdin 72K Java Card smart card using CCID smart card readers. [26657]
  • Resolved the issue where an intermittent "delayed write failed" message appeared on Microsoft Windows XP systems running PGP Desktop. [30638]
  • Improved support for compatibility between PGP WDE for Windows and hard drive imaging software such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). [28080, 28473]
  • PGP Desktop for Mac OS X now prompts to create a new user when the WDRT has been used to authenticate at PGP BootGuard. [29336]
  • Resolved the issue where PGP BootGuard failed to initialize on certain systems. [30759]
  • Resolved the issue when PGP Desktop for Mac OS X would automatically begin to decrypt the disk if the system clock was changed. [20788]
  • Error text now clearly describes the situation when you attempt to delete a user from an encrypted disk and user management is disabled by PGP Universal Server policy. [28647]
  • Resolved an issue in computers running Mac OS X 64-bit operating systems and specific SSD drives would not boot after being encrypted with PGP Desktop for Mac OS X. [29917]
  • Any fixed disks that have been encrypted with PGP Desktop using an evaluation license are now automatically decrypted when a user authenticates to PGP BootGuard and loads the operating system 90 days after the expiration of the evaluation. [30126]


  • Resolved an issue with encrypted file compatibility with Bouncy Castle, which uses non-standard ZIP compression. [28014]
  • Resolved the issue with encrypted .tar files where PGP Desktop for Windows was able to decrypt the file but failed because it was unable to untar it. In these instances the file will be decrypted and the user will need to use another utility to untar the file that has been decrypted. [28130]