How to enable session recording for the webportal service


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I have implemented the Webportal service but I have not seen the option to enable session recording in the relevant policy.

How can I enable session recording for 'Webportal' service sessions in the policy ?


This is valid for all versions



Webportal service does not support recording while Native browser is selected in the TCP Service definition for the Web Portal

If you want to enable session recording for this service:

In the Web Portal panel, click the Browser Type drop-down menu, and select the 'Xcedium Browser' option.

Additional Information

After doing the above, should you try to switch back to "Native Browser" reconfiguring the relevant TCP Service for the Web-portal you are prompted with:


Message 1104:  This service is configured to be recorded and must use
the Xceedium browser type.  The service is configured to be recorded in
the following policies:  abcde->fghj.