Error "HTTP 401: Unauthorized" occurs when trying to drill down into IT Analytics reports


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When trying to drill down into an IT Analytics report, the error "HTTP 401: Unauthorized" occurs.

HTTP 401: Unauthorized.


Product defect.


This issue will be resolved in a future version of IT Analytics.

Two workarounds exist that can resolve the issue:

Workaround 1: Install Kerberos

Install and configure Microsoft Kerberos in the network environment. The following Knowledge Base article describes how to do this:

Unable to run IT Analytics reports after upgrading or installing IT Analytics 7.1 SP2

Workaround 2: Use the Report Server direct URL in the Symantec Management Console

  1. Open a web browser to the SQL Server Report Server (SSRS). The address by default is:

  2. Open the IT Analytics report folder.
  3. Open the report to use, for example, "Computes by Operating System". Assuming this works, continue with the remaining steps. If this does not work, however, then there may be other issues occurring on the SSRS that are network or permission based that the SQL DBA will need to next address.
  4. Copy the URL in the browser. This will be similar to:

  5. Open a Symantec Management Platform Console in another browser.
  6. Click on Reports > All Reports.
  7. Right click on the root Reports folder and then choose New > Web Link.
  8. Enter the name of the report in the Name field.
  9. Paste the copied URL into the Description field.
  10. Click on the "Save changes" button.

This then works similarly to having the URL added as a browser Favorite, but as a Symantec Management Platform link directly in the console. Clicking on this should then open the specified IT Analytics report successfully.

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Applies To

IT Analytics 7.1, SP1 and SP2.