Symantec Web Gateway 84V virtual edition has performance issues


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After implementing the Symantec Web Gateway 84V virtual edition (SWG) in the network, it is noticed that the performance is slow and users' internet browsing experience is slower than expected before the implementation. Troubleshooting reveals the correct SWG image has been deployed, the correct amount of virtual CPU and memory is in use, the SWG settings have been defined correctly as per implementation guide and the amount of users are within the Sizing recommendations which is normally below 500 users for the virtual Web Gateway.


Although the correct amount of memory 8192 MB is in use, it has not been reserved. If it is not reserved, the SWG can not reliably use the amount of memory available which will degrade the performance.


Increase the virtual memory as per the following:
1. In the VMWare console for the ESX server - right-click the SWG machine and choose Edit settings
2. Select the Resources tab - Memory - Resource Allocation - Reservation - increase the reservation to 8192 MB (Or more, depending on the current memory allocated to the VM) - press OK and ensure the change was deployed.
3. Monitor the SWG the next 24 hours and verify that the performance has improved.


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Symantec Web Gateway 84V virtual edition (SWG)