Messaging Gateway Best Practices: Integration with Network Prevent


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Messaging Gateway


Best Practices for integration of Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) with Symantec Network Prevent for Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


The SMG Administration Guide provides the basics to integrate SMG with Symantec Network Prevent to deliver, route, hold, or block email traffic. Symantec Network Prevent is a component of Symantec Data Loss Prevention, which discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data wherever it is stored or used. This document highlights some aspects that should be considered if the base documentation is not enough to cover the Administrator's needs.

You can configure Symantec Network Prevent to operate in the following methods:
Reflect (recommended)
After it processes messages, Symantec Network Prevent returns the message to the Symantec Messaging Gateway Scanner from which it came.
Reflect Mode.

After it processes messages, Symantec Network Prevent passes messages to the MTA that you specify. For best results with Message Auditing, it’s recommended that Symantec Messaging Gateway is the device that delivers the messages to the internet.
You can point you downstream MTA (i.e. Microsoft Exchange server) to Symantec Network Prevent directly and set it to forward messages to the Symantec Messaging Gateway (A).
Figure A.