After upgrade email sent from Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) may not be received and quarantine threshold settings may have changed


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


You may notice the following symptoms:

  • Email sent from SMSMSE may not be received.

The following are examples of emails not received:

Messages released from quarantine
Quarantine notification messages

Prior to an upgrade SMSMSE was sending administrator email notifications for things like quarantined message and such.  After an upgrade email notifications are not received.

1. Open SMSMSE console.
2. Click on Monitors>Notifications Settings.
3. The value of the textbox SMTP server hostname or IP address for sending email notifications is changed from the customized value.

  • The SMSMSE console settings for quarantine have changed after an upgrade.

1. Open SMSMSE console.
2. Click on Monitors>Quarantine Settings.
3. One of the following Quarantine Threshold settings may have changed:

Maximum size of quarantine
Retain items in quarantine



The upgrade process resets the values to the default values.


Upgrade to SMSMSE 6.5.7 or higher.


Change the settings manually back to the correct values.