When using Polish (Programmers) keyboard layout and trying to enter "ż" letter with Alt gr + Z combination, it acts like "Undo" command and deletes the previously entered words


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When using Polish (Programmers) keyboard layout and Simple Incident form to submit a ticket,  applying Alt Gr +Z key combination in Description field to enter  "ż" polish letter will act like "Undo" command and delete the previously entered words. If English layout is being used, the same key combination does not cause this issue.
The issue does not occur in Advanced Incident Form as it is using Multiline TextBox component for Description field.




Workaround 1:

1. Open SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForms project
2. Double-click Create New Incident form to edit
3. Remove the existing Description field box
4. In the left-hand Toolbox pane search for Multiline Textbox component and drag it to the form
5. Adjust the size of the textbox and align it accordingly
6. Double-click the Multiline Textbox component to edit, go to Functionality tab and configure Output Data and Initial Value with Incident.IncidentDescription variable, set Remove File and Search KB Output Paths to Optional.
7. Click OK and OK again to exit to the Primary model
8. Save the project and publish it.

Workaround 2:

In case it is required to keep the HTML Editor component for formatting, download the attached updated version of UltimateEditor.js file and copy it  to %ProgramFiles%\Symantec\Workflow\Shared\Scripts\UltimateEditor directory to replace the existing javascript file. Note: It is recommended to backup the original .js file prior to replacement.

Password to zipped folder is Symantec.

Applies To

ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2


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