Error "The remote name could not be resolved" occurs when trying to access IT Analytics Configuration


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IT Analytics


When trying to access IT Analytics Configuration (Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings > Configuration), the error "The remote name could not be resolved: '<server-name>'" occurs.

Server Error in '/Altiris/ITAnalytics' Application.

The remote name could not be resolved: '<server-name>'


The SQL Server Analysis Server and/or Report Server were deleted, renamed, or, the Symantec_CMDB Altiris database was moved to a different SQL Server that no longer has access to the Analysis and Report Severs previously used, or, the Analysis and/or Report Server is not running/functional.


Reset IT Analytics Configuration data by clearing out these values in SQL. The following article describes how to do this:

Error "Server Error in '/Altiris/ITAnalytics' Application" occurs when trying to open the IT Analytics Configuration page

From TECH179454, use the supplied SQL query, "Find ITA SSAS and SSRS data.sql", to reset IT Analytics Configuration in SQL.

After IT Analytics Configuration has been reset in SQL, going back into IT Analytics Configuration should then enable the user to specify the Analysis and Report Servers to use.

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