IIS Script Maps for ASP.NET are Missing or Misconfigured


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The Installation Readiness Check for the Symantec Management Platform fails due to missing or misconfigured IIS Script Maps for ASP.NET


 A corruption had occurred within the IIS Configuration files, which was confusing the Installation Readiness Check to believe that the IIS Script Maps for ASP.NET were either Missing or Misconfigured.


A complete removal and reinstallation of IIS 7.0/7.5 is required.

**Warning** Do not uninstall IIS if Symantec Management Platform or any Management Platform Solutions are already installed on this machine.  Removing IIS with SMP installed will result in removal of the SMP's virtual directory structure that will require a complete reinstallation of the SMP to resolve.

Please note that removing the Web Server (IIS) role will not completely remove IIS and it's configuration settings from the server.

1) From the Server Manager select Roles and then Remove Roles

2) From the "Remove Roles Wizard" please unselect all of the currently installed Server Roles,
which are required for a successful SMP installation (Application Server, File Services and Web Server (IIS))

3) When prompted reboot the server

4) Once the server has successfully rebooted, select "Features" and then "Remove Features" from the "Server Manager"

5) From the "Remove Features Wizard" unselect the "Windows Process Activation Service"

6) When prompted reboot the server

7) Once the server has successfully rebooted, confirm that IIS has completedly been removed from the Server by doing the following:

a) Naviate to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv and confirm that the "Config" folder and its files no longer exist

b) Delete the inetpub folder located at the root directory of the C: drive

8) Finally, reinstall the Application Server and Web Server (IIS) roles from the "Server Manager"

9) Once this has completed launch the "Symantec Management Platform" and
you should now be able to proceed past the original "IIS Script Maps for ASP.NET are Missing or Misconfigured" error message

Applies To

Symantec Installation Manager 7.1.206

Windows 2008 R2 SP1