High Availability and Load Balancing configurations


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Messaging Gateway


You wish to configure Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) for High Availability or Load Balancing.


The Symantec Messaging Gateway does not include any specific high availability features such as load balancing, fail over clustering, active/passive clustering. It is possible to use other third party solutions to help accomplish high availability.

  • A load balancer may be used to distribute the load between Symantec Messaging Gateway appliances. A load balancer may also be able to detect a device failure and route to another device.
    • The load balancer should be configured to be transparent so the SMG will see the traffic coming from the original sender's IP.
    • The load balancer should be prevented from failing over to another scanner mid-connection and effectively dropping the connection to the scanner.
  • Using DNS to split the load between devices and provide a pseudo fail over as the connecting system would attempt to send mail to each MX record.

(NOTE: Symantec recommends keeping a current backup of the Control Center box to minimize any Control Center downtime in case of a disaster. The scanners would continue to scan and process mail while the control center is down)