SCSP Agent frozen on some older Windows Service Packs


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Critical System Protection


The SCSP Agent has been frozen at version (the 5.2.4 GA release) for the following Windows OS/Service Pack combinations:

  • Windows 2003 GA (i.e. with no Service Pack applied, sometimes referred to as SP0)
  • Windows XP SP1 and earlier

Some new SCSP agent features require operating system APIs that are not present in these older service packs. Therefore Symantec has frozen the feature set for the specific OS/Service Pack combinations listed above at the release.



Important points to note:

  • Newer agent versions, e.g. 5.2.6 or 5.2.8, will install successfully on these frozen platforms, but the SISIDSService program will not run because the required OS APIs are missing. If you have installed an agent beyond version 5.2.4 on one of the older OS/Service Pack combinations listed above, you must uninstall that agent and then do a fresh install of the agent on that system.
  • Newer Service Packs on these operating systems are not frozen and will continue to support new features. Specifically:

                  o   Windows 2003 SP1 and later are not frozen
                  o   Windows XP SP2 and later are not frozen