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What do the different seed data icons mean and is there a way I can make my seed data project agnostic?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


This knowledge article has some custom SQL in it where you can change the behaviour of your seed data in the GTREP repository.  We provide the SQL statements in this knowledge doc as a way to customize the availability of your seed data, and we do not provide any support or warranty for these SQL statements. Do not execute these statements in your environment unless you have backups of your GTREP repository and you are comfortable using a SQL tool with the GTREP repository.

What the difference between the two icons that shows up in the Maintain Seed Data form under Seed Data Type, and is there a way I can make my seed data available for all projects?




Below is a screenshot of the Maintain Seed Data form in Datamaker.

If the icon is a blue circle, that means the seed data is project agnostic, where the brown square indicates the seed data is tied to a specific project. 

In this example, the 1CustomSeedlist is custom seed data for a specific project, but the other seed data are the standard seed data that come with TDM, and are available for all your projects.

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Now if you want to make the seed data (in this case 1CustomSeedlist) so you can run the following SQL statements to change the seed data so its project agnostic, you can use the following query:  

Select * from gtrep_reference_data where rd_proj_id != 0 

- This gives you all the seed data that are dependent on a project. 


update gtrep_reference_data set rd_proj_id=0 where rd_ref_id='1CustomSeedlist' 

- This pdates the seed data to not be tied to a project.


Now as you can see,  the new seed data is also light blue to indicate its project agnostic, and is now available to all your projects in the repository.


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