Set password for Endpoint Protection client


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Endpoint Protection


Set password for Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client to "open client user interface", "Stop Client Service ", Import or export a policy ", 'Uninstall the Client "


Follow these steps to set up a password for the SEP client

  1. Open the console manager
  2. Click Clients
  3. Select Policies tab
  4. Click on General Settings
  5. Select Security Settings tab
  6. Select Require a password to uninstall the client
  7. select Require a password to Stop the Client service
  8. Select Require a password to import or export a policy
  9. Select Require a password to uninstall the client
  10. Type the <password> in the box
  11. Click OK

The client machines will be updated with this new policy as they check into the Endpoint Manager. If you wish to force this policy immediately to the clients, simply right click on the client group and select Run a command on the group > Update Content > Yes.