Error received when access data from an external drive with the Mac Access Utility (RSMacAccessUtility.dmg)


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Endpoint Encryption


When attempting to access data encryped with SEE Removable Storage via the Mac Access Utility, an error may be received indicating that the utility cannot find an external drive.


"The Access utility cannot find Removable Storage device to launch the application. Please make sure that you have a removable storage device with a 'Mac Access utility' folder inside i at the root level which contains the RSMacAccessUtility.dmg file. For further information please contact your administrator."


The issue appears when an attempt is made to read encrypted data from a drive formatted as FAT32 from a USB 3.0 port.


This issue is currently under investigation by our development group and the following workarounds are suggested in the interim.

1) Reformat the drive as NTFS

2) Connect to a USB 2.0 port if available

3) Connect the USB device to a Windows client and decrypt using the SEE RS Access Utility for Windows