Remove the invalid Internet Explorer Security Certificates


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Remove the invalid Internet Explorer Security Certificates


Certificate security warning



Popularly used web browser on internet is Internet Explorer. In our daily transactions we make use of these browsers to send the critical information which might be at stake due to discrepancy in security measures. The information like credit card and social security numbers. Certificate compromise or revocation or sometimes security certificates expire or prevent one from accessing a trusted website. With the below steps you can remove the invalid security certificate which pop-up on the web browser.
    1.   Open Internet Explorer.
  1. Click on "Tools" then scroll down and click on "Internet Options."
  2. Click "Content" tab. Click on icon labeled "Certificates" under the "Certificates" heading (this is the second heading on this tab).
  3. Click on the small right arrow on the right side of this window until you see "Un-trusted Publishers." Then click on the certificate that is causing a error message.
  4. Next, click "Remove" to delete that certificate.
  5. Click "Close" and then "OK" once you are done deleting problem security certificates.
  6. Exit Internet Explorer to reset the browser.

Applies To

Symantec Encryption Desktop Client

Windows OS with Internet Explorer