Unable to boot after encryption of drive Operating System missing


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 Unable to boot to operating system after encrypted the drive (operating system missing).


Operating System missing or Blinking cursor


This issue could be caused by the laptop having a forced shutdown or power off during encryption of the disk. PGP Whole Disk Encryption instruments the disk with PGP MBR which may not be accessible after a forced shutdown.



The best option to get the drive decrypted is by slaving the drive to another computer with PGP Desktop installed.

  • Slave the drive to another computer.

  • Open open PGP command line and type following command.

  • pgpwde --enum  to Enumerate system disks.

  • pgpwde --decrypt --passphrase <passphrase> --disk 1

Once decryption is competed check if operating system is bootable if not use the Windows recovery CD to repair.


Applies To

Dell Latitude e5510
Windows 7 Professional