"Application error: unable to launch the application" when starting remote console


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Endpoint Protection


When starting the remote console, an application error occurs. The remote console does not start.

Upon starting the console, the following error message appears:

Application error: unable to launch the application

The More Information button gives the following message:

Error: JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate


JAVA is not updated or installed on the machine 


To work around this problem, download the latest remote console from the upgraded server.

To update the remote console

  1. On the remote computer, go to:

    http://<server name>:9090/

    A prompt appears to install the JRE.

  2. Allow the JRE to install.

  3. Launch the remote console.

 If the Remote Console does not have internet access, the JRE installation fails. In that case, download and install the latest JRE from the java.com Web site manually.


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