Nessus scan vulnerability with IBM Apache HTTP Server Byte Range DoS on SSIM


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High Risk Vulnerability found in Nessus scan of "Apache HTTP Server Byte Range DoS (55976)". The CVE is 2011-3192.


The solution is to Ignore all “Range requests” and return the full page instead

Steps to do this are as follows :


1.   Copy file to the following location
( file is attached to this KB)

2.   Ensure mod_headers is loaded/uncommented in httpd.conf (log in via SSH to SSIM using db2admin user and su - to root)

·         Open  /opt/Symantec/sesa/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

·         Search for "LoadModule headers_module modules/"

·         Uncomment the above line if it is commented by removing ‘#’  present at the beginning of line

           2. Add the following two lines at the bottom of httpd.conf file

        RequestHeader unset Range

        RequestHeader unset Request-Range

3.    Save the file

4.    Restart ibmhttpd service from command line after updating httpd.conf file for changes to take effect

·         service ibmhttpd restart




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