How to run Deploy Anywhere manually from a Ghost boot CD, ISO USB Stick etc.


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Ghost Solution Suite


You wish to run Deploy Anywhere manually from a Ghost boot CD, ISO USB Stick or other method.


There is a very comprehensive KB dealing with all eventualities and permutations of this process. If you are having issues, please consult TECH110135.

The simplified process is as follows:

Note: When you boot a system from a Ghost Windows PE CD, it will mount the CD itself as drive D: (or other depending on the number of disks and partitions present on the system). The RAM drive is mounted as drive X:.

  1. Create a new bootable Ghost ISO as follows:
    1. Ensure that the WinPE-512 image is used.
    2. Select "Include Deploy Anywhere Driver Database with the image"
  2. Restore the image using Ghost.
  3. Exit Ghost but do not reboot.
  4. Establish which drive is the CD, and that it contains a "Windrivers" directory.
    1. Using Ghost to view mounted drives.
    2. By checking C:, D: and other drives.
    3. Using Diskpart > "List Volumes".
  5. Go to X:\Ghost.
  6. To check the correct drivers are present, run "GHdplyaw32 /target=C:\windows /ddb=D:\Windrivers /eval" where C: is the newly restored image volume and D: is the CD.
  7. If drivers are present, run "GHdplyaw32 /target=C:\windows /ddb=D:\Windrivers".
  8. Reboot the system.
  9. It will take some time to run a customized sysprep process and will reboot before becoming available.
  10. For any issues, consult TECH110135.