How long does the Service Desk Manager login process (bop_login) wait before it times out?


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If the Service Desk Manager (SDM) authentication is not completed, how long does the login process (bop_login) wait before it times out?


Service Management 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


By default, the SDM login process (bop_login) waits 5 seconds.

This timeout period can be modified using the NX.ENV variable NX_LOGIN_TIME.

In order to update NX.env and the NX.env_tpl files, the recommended and supported approach is to use the 'pdm_options_mgr' command:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s LOGIN_TIME -v <new value> -a pdm_option.inst
pdm_options_mgr -c -s LOGIN_TIME -v <new value> -a pdm_option.inst -t

A restart of the SDM service is required for the changes to take effect.

Additional Information

After running pdm_options_mgr command to add a variable to NX.env or NX.env_tpl files, an existing last line of those files is replaced with a new variable added by the command.