Adding Predefined computers using ASDK for DS 7.1 are not forwarded to PXE list -CRT


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Deployment Solution


Predefined computers added into NS via the addpredefinedcomputers.vbs script or other DS ASDK methods are not known to PXE

There isn't an error per se but if the computer is booted into automation via PXE, the computer is not known to PXE


After predefined computers are added to NS, a task named 'updatesbsinfo' runs. This task creates an SBS file which is read by SBSNSinterface which in turn communicates this message to the SBSServer. If predefined computers are added via the addpredefinedcomputers.vbs script or other DS ASDK methods the 'updatesbsinfo' task is not triggered.


A new ASDK dll  file that resolves this issue is attached to the KB.


To apply the fix do the following:
NOTE: UAC may completely block this process.  You should disable this prior to beginning and re-enable later if need be.

  1. Stop all the DS related services (IIS Admin, WWW, Altiris Service and dependencies)
  2. Remove the old version of the DLL
    1. Open a command prompt with Admin rights
    2. go to 'c:\windows\assembly\gac_msil'
    3. change to the 'altiris.asdk.deploymentsolution' folder
    4. remove the '7.1.206....' folder (you'll probably have to delete the file in it first)
  3. Open Windows Explorer to 'c:\windows\assembly'.  Check to be sure that "Altiris.ASDK.DeploymentSolution" is not present.
  4. Open a second instance of Windows Explorer to where you saved the new DLL.
  5. Drag the file from where you saved it to 'c:\windows\assembly'.  
  6. Verify the file was installed correctly by browsing C:\windows\assembly for the DLL.  It should exist again with the proper version (206)
  7. When the file is copied over restart the server.


Applies To

DS 7.1 build 656 up to and including DS 7.1 build 2316


Altiris.ASDK.DeploymentSolution.dll get_app