Installation of additional "user count" licenses overwrite existing count


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Web Gateway


Installation of additional "user count" licenses overwrite existing count

Customer has been provided with multiple "user count" license files each of which contains only a partial count of his total users (rather than having been provided with a single license which contains the full count)

Each license file installs successfully and with no errors

Installation of the second file simply overwrites the count from the first license rather than adding to the count

This is not to be confused with being provided multiple license files where one is the "user count" license and the other is the "content" license---These files activate separate portions of the product and do NOT overwrite each other



Each "user count" license file is treated as a singular, complete entity and installation of another file overwrites the previous file

This behavior is normal


Customer needs to contact Symantec Customer Care to receive a single, correct license which has the proper full count and install that file through the WebGUI directly on each machine

Customer Care: 1-800-721-3934


Customer needs to contact technical support for assistance

Applies To

Web Gateway appliances including Central Intelligence Unit (CIU)