Resolved Issues - Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) Removable Disk


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This article includes a list of the resolved issues for SEE Removable Disk 8.2.1.


Issues resolved in 8.2.1 

·         Resolved the incompatibility issues between SEE Removable Storage and Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). [23517/2646323]
·         Resolved the issue where the process use to fail when a user tried to encrypt a file when prompted while dragging from a network share to the SEE-RS Access Util. [2550379]
·         Resolved the issue where with the RS Device Plugged in, the user could access the encrypted files without have to enter the decryption password. [2550756]
·         Resolved the issue where while using the SEE-RS Access Utility to open an encrypted file on non-SEE-RS machines, the application created an unencrypted copy of the file in the temp folder. Depending on the on the application that was used to open the file, SEE-RS Access Utility left the unencrypted copy in the temp folder.  [2567743]
·         Resolved the SEE–RS installation failure issue found on HP Compaq 8000 Elite. [2599336]
·         Resolved the issue where after SEE-RS rollback the msxml6.dll got unregistered thus causing Office Communicator to crash when launched. [2655148]
·         A policy can now be set not to copy autorun.inf to removable media along with the Removable Storage Access Utility for Windows, thus preventing the utility from launching automatically, which triggers an error on a Removable Storage-protected computer. The policy applies not only to removable devices but also to CDs and DVDs burned by the Removable Storage CD/DVD Burner application. (See Additional Information in the release notes for instruction.) [MA22130, MA24258]
·         Files encrypted with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage 8.x can now be read by Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage 7.0.x.(See Additional Information in the release notes for instruction.) [MA23994]
·         After upgrading to Symantec Endpoint Encryption from a GuardianEdge version, users can now decrypt files encrypted under a Certificates only policy. [MA24174]
·         Copying an existing file from an external hard drive and pasting it onto the same drive no longer causes the attached Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage-protected computer to experience a blue-screen error under Windows 7. [MA24135]
·         Selected check-box values on dialog boxes are now saved and applied. [MA24182]