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This article includes a list of the resolved issues for SEE Full Disk 8.2.1.


 Issues resolved in 8.2.1

·         Added support for HP 8540p EliteBook computers. [2702856]
·         Resolved an issue which caused “the inserted token could not be recognized” error during preboot on a machine running SEE FD 8.0.1 SP3. [2551106]
·         Resolved an issue found on Fujitsu laptops where when the policy (with hardware keyloggers blocked) was applied, it blocked the in-built keyboard. [2551207]
·         Resolved the issue found on HP Elitebook 8560p where after installing SEE FD 8.2 MP1 HF1 the machine went into a boot loop. [2590781]
·         Added support for HP 8540p for Yale New Haven Hospital. [2641346]
·         Resolved an issue where once a user signs pre boot into SEE, leaves the computer ideal for a while the machine asks for the credentials again to log into Windows. After logging out of windows, a second user can get in with the previous user’s credentials simply by clicking ‘OK’ on the ‘legal notice’ screen without having to enter the credentials manually. [2633056]
·         Resolved an issue for Dell models GX240, GX280, GX620 and GX755 where the systems don’t move past the “Please wait” prompt when booting in Safe Mode with the new Recovery ISO (Recover-8.2.0b) [2647442]
·         Resolved an issue found on Lenovo T420 where the external keyboard and mouse do not work when trying to enter the Pre Boot Authentication information. [2649706]
·         Resolved an issue where the machine went into a hung state at the blue screen right before loading Windows when it was rebooted after installing SEE FD 8.2.0 and registering a user. [2652166]
·         Added multiple hardware support. [2670008]
·         Boot USB and incompatibility issues resolved:
o   HP 8560 [2590781]
o   Trimble Yuma Tablet [2550935]
o   Fujitsu LifeBook T900 [2551151]
o   HP Z210 [2551234]
o   HP EliteBook 2560p [2559305]
o   HP ProBook 6560b [2565229]
o   HP EliteBook 2760p [2573887]
o   HP EliteBook 8760W [2579020]
o   Lenovo laptops various models [2598254]
·         Resolved issue where disclaimer dialog not timing out during Windows login. [2550480]