Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 2.1 MP1 Content PAC : Symantec Endpoint Protection support update


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Protection Center


This patch contains all files necessary to update SPC 2.1 with the latest Symantec Endpoint Protection support update.


Users who have access to internet activity on the Symantec Protection Center Appliance automatically receive LiveUpdates and should not need to follow the instructions below.

Follow these steps for updating the Symantec Protection Center (SPC) software manually if SPC was not able to automatically receive the LiveUpdate and/or does not have access to an Internet connection.

By default, Protection Center uses LiveUpdate to automatically keep its software components up to date. Protection Center also uses LiveUpdate to update the information that Protection Center needs to work with supported products.
If you do not use the Protection Center automatic update feature, you can update the Protection Center software manually. You might need to use manual updates when Protection Center has no access to the Internet. You might also perform manual updates if you need to perform an update immediately and do not want to wait for the automatic mechanism.

Note: You must download and install all required patches. You must install patches in a particular order. You may find the full listing of all patches, and the required order, by reading TECH176838. ( ) You must include the full set. If you omit a required patch from the set, the manual installation process will fail with an error message.

To update the Protection Center software manually:

1. Save the files on appropriate storage media (USB drive, DVD, or CD) that the Protection Center appliance can read.
    Do not select network drives, Web sites, or FTP addresses.
2. Login directly to the Protection Center appliance with the SPC_Admin account, this will bring up the SPC Control Panel.
3. In the Protection Center control panel, under Manual Protection Center Update, click Install Protection Center Update.
4. In the Install Protection Center Update dialog box, click Browse and then select the update file that you want to install.
5. Click Run.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update file.
7. The system will start to install the manual update after the files have been transferred.
8. Do not install additional manual updates until you have verified installation of the current file by checking the installed updates area of the SPC 2.1 Web console.
9. Continue to install additional updates, if applicable.

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