where can I download Wise Package Studio 8.0 MR1


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Unable to find Wise Package Studio MR1, where and how can I download it?


If you purchased WPS 8.0 or renewed your maintenance on WPS to entitle you to WPS 8.0 prior to April, 2010, you would have received a serial number for the Altiris License Management Portal rather than the Symantec License Portal.
The “Symantec” serial numbers (sometimes referred to as “ELS” serial numbers) consist of a letter followed by ten numbers
If you purchased licenses of WPS or renewed your maintenance on WPS after April, 2010, you should have received an ELS serial number as part of your order confirmation/license certificate.

If you purchased licenses of WPS 8 prior to April, 2010, and did not subsequently renew your maintenance, you would have never received an ELS serial number. In such cases, you will need to call Symantec Customer Care, so that they can generate an ELS serial number for you that will allow you to download WPS 8.0 MR1 through File Connect:

Symantec File Connect:  https://fileconnect.symantec.com