Reboot Required for After Updating Symantec Encryption Management Server with PUP Files


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After installing an update to Symantec Encryption Management Server (formerly known as PGP Universal Server) using a PUP file, a reboot is required to complete the update.



As certain PUP files contain kernel updates, it is necessary to reboot Symantec Encryption Management Server after the installation has completed.  When no kernel is included in the update, technically no reboot is required, however many of the PUP updates for Symantec Encryption Management Server will force a reboot anyway.  When installing a PUP update, plan on a reboot of the Symantec Encryption Management Server.

Generally, if it is not possible to reboot the server, do not attempt to install a PUP file as an automatic reboot may be necessary. 

As a best practice, when installing an update to Symantec Encryption Management Server, select a time when users will be the least impacted.  Because the server may require a reboot, or in the unlikely event that the installation fails, prior to installing an update or making any significant changes to Symantec Encryption Management Server, it is recommended to perform a backup of the server.  If using VMware, it is also nice to take a snapshot just prior to performing the update as an easy rollback method.


Notable Symantec Encryption Management Server and Linux Kernel Versions :

NOTE: (Different kernel versions will require a reboot)


Symantec Encryption Mangement Server Linux Kernel Version
3.0.0 Build 2881 through 3.1.2 SP3 Build 50 2.6.18-128.4.1.el5PAE
3.2.0 Build 1672 through 3.2.0 MP3 Build 2317 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5PAE
3.2.0 MP4 Build 2526 2.6.18-274.12.1.el5PAE
3.2.0 MP5 Build 2599 through 3.2.1 MP3 4940 2.6.18-274.17.1.el5PAE
3.2.1 MP5 Build 5033 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5PAE
3.3.0 GA Build 8741 through 3.3.0 MP3 Build 9307 2.6.18-308.11.1.el5PAE
3.3.1 GA Build 13100 through 3.3.1 MP1 Build 13266 2.6.18-348.4.1.el5PAE
3.3.2 GA Build 15238 through 3.3.2 MP1 Build 15377 2.6.18-371.1.2.el5PAE