Messaging Gateway spam definitions don't update with "Error from web server 471"


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Messaging Gateway


Messaging Gateway (SMG) spam definitions stop updating but malware definitions update normally.

The conduit log contains repeating instances of the following error but no license errors from the other services:

"Error from web server 471 - License Invalid : unable to GET:"




This issue is resolved for licenses distributed following July 15, 2021. 

For systems which have been renewed with licenses distributed prior to July 15, the following process will strip the existing license and allow you to install an updated license. Please see the "Additional Information" section if you are using Customer Specific Submissions.

This issue may be resolved by performing the following steps to reset the license data on the SMG system:

  1. Go to and download a new license file for the Messaging Gateway product.
  2. Log into the admin command line on the affected SMG system via ssh/putty
  3. Stop the conduit service via
    service connector stop
  4. Stop the MTA service via
    service mta stop
  5. Purge the old license data from the system by running
    license-control --remove --force
  6. Reset the anti-spam definitions by running
    delete dayzerorules intsigrules regexrules spamhunterrules spamsigrules bodyhashrules statsigrules
  7. Re-register the license from the SMG Control Center Administration > Licenses page
  8. Restart the conduit service by running
    service connector start
  9. Restart the MTA service by running
    service mta start


Additional Information

Note: If you are using one of the old, eight digit, submission IDs (Spam > Submission Settings) the process above will cause your SMG license to be disconnected from your submitter ID. There is currently no means of addressing this other than to remove all submissions information and to register for a new submitter ID prior to installing the new license.