Check Software Update Package Integrity fails to clean up unused packages.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Worked through process to clean up packages per DOC7970 (pg 25) and worked through the steps on the Console as outlined in HOWTO38239, yet after these steps were completed, found the Software Update Packages remained on the downloaded storage location of the SMP Server and the Site/Package Servers.


Some known causes:

  • Upgraded ITMS versions, the file structure was being utilized by a process, and caused corruption in resource associations.
  • SQL Deadlocks or communication issues while running the Revise Software Updates segment of the PMImport.
  • SQL Deadlocks or communication issues while running the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job.


Run the following Script against the 7.5 - 8.0 Symantec_CMDB database, or implement the following query (blue text) into a custom SQL Report on the Console, to confirm the associations still exist:

declare @AllPatchPackages as table (_ResourceGuid uniqueidentifier)
insert into @AllPatchPackages
EXECUTE sppGetAllPatchPackages @platform=N'Windows'

select distinct
      , as Bulletin
      , as [Software Update]
      ,it.Name as 'Resource Association'
from vRM_Package_Item i
      left join ResourceAssociation ra on i.guid = ra.ChildResourceGuid
            and ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = 'A19CED33-9E1F-4E97-98CF-0F8B339739C3'--Software Update Created Software Package
      left join Item it on it.Guid = ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid
      left join Inv_Software_Update su on
      left join ResourceAssociation sb2su on su._ResourceGUID=sb2su.childresourceguid 
        and sb2su.resourceassociationtypeguid='7EEAB03A-839C-458D-9AF2-55DB6B173293'
      left join vRM_Software_Bulletin_item vsb on vsb.guid=sb2su.ParentResourceGuid
      left join @AllPatchPackages ap on ap._ResourceGuid = ra.ChildResourceGuid
where i.ProductGuid = 'B1338338-5575-4A27-9808-23BEC40D79FA'--Patch managmenent
      and i.Name not in
                  'Patch Install Tools Package',
                  'Patch Windows System Assessment Scan Tool Package',
                  'Windows x86 Software Update Plug-in Package',
                  'Windows x64 Software Update Plug-in Package'
and (ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid is null or ap._ResourceGuid is null)
/*Comment out the previous line above to see all packages, not just problem ones.*/

This script should return 0 results; however, if it returns data, the results are Software Update Packages without resource associations and therefore will not be cleaned up by the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job.
These listed Software Update Packages will need to be manually cleaned up as per the process outlined on KM: HOWTO10848 - in the first 3 Steps (Disable in PRC, manually delete resource association in Console and manually delete physical packages).


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