Why the Windows Definitions version cannot display the Date in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Home page?


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If your Windows system is using East Asian double-bytes Language as default language. You may be encountering an issue that the Windows Definitions (the "Latest from Symantec" and the "Latest from Manager") cannot display the date info, only display the "rxx" info.

For example:

The correct format:

Windows Definitions:

Latest from Symantec: 03/14/2012 r35

Latest from Manager: 03/14/2012 r35


The abnormal format:

Windows Definitions:

Latest from Symantec: r35

Latest from Manager: r35


This issue is caused by the function iconv (an extend php function, provided by libiconv lib, publiced by GNU License) cannot identify the charset name "windows-932" (Japanese), "windows-949" (Korean) and "windows-950" (Traditional Chinese).

Hence, the iconv will return a empty string for the display function, and the display result will lost the date info, only have "r35" info.

Actually, the correct charset name of Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese do not like above listed.

For such East Asian languages, the charset name should be as follow:

Japanese: cp932

Korean: cp949

Traditional Chinese: cp950

(Please refer the charset recode document: http://www.delorie.com/gnu/docs/recode/recode_30.html)

The format like "windows-" plus "charset page code" is not suitable for CJK recode.

(Besides, maybe some other double-bytes character also have this issue.)


Symantec had known this issue, and will resolve it in future version.

If you need a workaround, please contact us via hotline, and our Technical Support Engineer can give you a workaround.