KNOWN ISSUE: Installed Software cube displays software which has been uninstalled


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IT Analytics


When a user accesses the Installed Software cube in IT Analytics, software which has been uninstalled in client machines will still be shown as installed.

For example, AutoCAD has been installed on a computer. That computer is then inventoried and the software is included in the Installed Software cube. AutoCAD is later uninstalled from that client computer. Although it can be confirmed that the application was removed, it still shows as installed when viewing the Installed Software cube.

No error generated, however the cube now contains invalid data.


A flag utilized in the Inv_InstalledSoftware table of the CMDB database is currently not being used the the Installed Software cube, causing this issue.


Symantec is aware of the above issue, and working on a fix for it.

At the moment, the workaround is to apply the following steps in the affected client machine:

  1. Remove the file : C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\data\SoftwareCache.xml
  2. Run full inventory.

This will remove the entry from the table Inv_InstalledSoftware.

This issue was resolved with the latest CreateViews script. See TECH177397

Applies To

IT Analytics 7.1 SP2 (7.1.2060)