SIM failing to install / upgrade. Getting 'Configuration failed. There may not be enough disk space. Please check disk space and retry.'


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Customer is trying to upgrade. After the MSIs are installed, when the configuration portion starts they are getting 'Configuration failed. There may not be enough disk space. Please check disk space and retry.'.



Environment issue. It is around the CreateTask method in SIM when the Configuration process starts. There is a method that calls NsUsername  and NsPassword. Those are registry keys that exist regularly under HKLM>Software>Altiris>AIM>Configuration>NsConfiguration. With this customer this whole NsConfiguration registry was missing. They had an failed SIM upgrade previously, which seems to be the cause why those registry keys were missing.





This issue has been addressed by the Symantec Development team. With the release of Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) 7.5.129 (version released with ITMS 7.5 HF4), SIM automatically creates a registry backup in the support folder before starting the installation, upgrade, or hotfix installation of SIM and ITMS solutions. The registry backup is available at the following location:

...\Program Files\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\Support

If you encounter any error because of missing registry entries or corrupted registry file, then you can execute either of the following workarounds:

■ Restore the previous registry entries and then execute the installation or upgrade process. To restore the previous registry entries, navigate to the registry backup and then double-click the AIMRoot.reg file (you have few of those files listed. Look for the most recent). These backup reg files usually are called AIMRoot_28042014_115755

■ Uninstall a solution and then reinstall it, so that the registry entries are recreated.
When you encounter the same error, repair the solution using SIM.

For more information about the support package, see the Creating a support package topic at the following URL:


::[Actual Keys stored]::


Previous Workaround (for previous versions of SIM):

For this particular issue recreating or importing these registry keys from another server is not a viable option (since the encryption used for those are unique in each server). Customer decided to remove and reinstall SIM, which also uninstall the Symantec Management Platform. After that the missing registry keys were recreated and the CMS 7.1 SP2 installation finished properly.

You can try this:-

In order to re-populate the registry entires under HKLM>Software>Altiris>AIM>Configuration>NsConfiguration, uninstall one Solution, like Inventory Solution, using SIM. Then go to HKLM>Software>Altiris>AIM>Configuration>NsConfiguration and delete away the data for these keys (make a backup of them just in case):


Then install back the Solution and this process will recreate the entries. It seems to pickup data from the Coresettings.config. If the install fails with the same error message, repair the same Solution using SIM. This should fix the registry issue and you can proceed to do the upgrade.


Applies To


Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP1, SP2
ITMS 7.5
ITMS 7.6
Previous versions than Symantec Installation Manager 7.5.129