Validation using vsradiusclient_test fails with [-3] error


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VIP Enterprise Gateway


When performing a validation test using vsradiusclient_test tool, the radius call fails

Failed: recfrom <[IP address]> failed on socket 1944. detailed reason: [0, No error] [-3]

Radius Call Failure



This failure can occur if the client running the validation test experiences network latency.



The [--timeout int] option can be used to increase the timeout value. (For example, [-- timeout  10] to  Please note that this is only set in the vsradiusclient tool after it is determined that the client system may be experiencing network latency. If this happens, your network team needs to resolve the issue.

vsradiusclient_test --server-host { ip_addr | hostname } [--server-port int] --client-ip ip_addr { --secret string | --secret-file file_name } [--user-name string --password string] [--attempts int] [--timeout int] [--mixed-mode { CredentialID }] [--verbose]

Note: The timeout option is not currently available in GINA, and customers using GINA and experiencing the timeout cannot use the work around of increasing the timeout to bypass the network issue. Therefore, they will need to resolve their network latency issue on their end. However, artf98228 is filed requesting the timout option to be added in GINA as well.