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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When attempting to add Package Service to a selected server, in Sites and  Services, the option for "Package Service" is grayed out and cannot be selected.


The selected computer is likely not in the hidden filter "Potential Windows Package Servers".  The SQL behind the filter qualifies the computers using the following logic:

*  IsLocal=1   This means that the computer's object must be seen in the database as being a local computer to the NS, and not one that was replicated from somewhere else.
*  IsManaged = 1   This means that the computer must be seen as being managed and has a Symantec Management Agent installed on it.
*  The Operating System type must be in the range of Win32, Win64
*  The computer must be seen as having the Altiris Agent (Symantec Management Agent) installed.
*  The version of the agent must be the latest. The latest version (according to the NS) can be found in the following registry value on the NS:
   HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\NS Client Package\ @version

*  The operating system must be one of the following:
      Windows XP SP2 or later
      Windows 2003 SP2 or later
      Windows 7
      Windows 2008 (except that OS type cannot be like "CORE")

* The computer cannot already have a "Site Service to Computer" resource association type wherein it is already a package server.



The following is a simplified version of the SQL behind the filter. If you have questions about a specific computer then the following SQL may be useful in identifying why it is not able to receive the Package Services.

 Modify the @name SET parameter on line 2 and change it to the name of the computer in question:
 Modify the @agentBuild variable in line 4 to match the build found in the registry in the following string:

  HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\NS Client Package\ @version

The actual build number is the number between the dots. Example you may find  7.1.15400.8400 in the registry. The build number is 15400
 Run the SQL against the Symantec_CMDB database. If the computer does not show up in the query results then systematically add a double dash "--" in front of each AND statement starting with "AND vComp.IsLocal = 1".  At some point the computer will show up in the results. When it does the criteria in the line previously commented out will be the reason why it isn't in the filter.



 declare @name nvarchar(50)
 set @name = 'ComputerName'
 declare @agentBuild nvarchar(20)   
 set @agentBuild = '15400'
 SELECT distinct vComp.[Guid], vComp.Name
            FROM vComputer vComp
            INNER JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent ON Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent._ResourceGuid = vComp.Guid
            INNER JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_Identification id ON id._ResourceGuid = vComp.Guid

            LEFT JOIN (SELECT ChildResourceGuid FROM vPackageServiceResource JOIN ResourceAssociation ON vPackageServiceResource.Guid=ResourceAssociation.ParentResourceGuid and ResourceAssociation.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid='5F00E96B-93F3-41f0-94A7-7DBBB8AEF841') eps on eps.ChildResourceGuid = vComp.[Guid]
            WHERE 1 = 1
              AND eps.ChildResourceGuid is null
              AND vComp.IsLocal = 1
              AND IsManaged = 1
     AND ( vComp.[System Type]='Win32' OR vComp.[System Type]='Win64' OR vComp.[System Type]='win32' OR vComp.[System Type]='win64' )
              AND [Agent Name] = 'Altiris Agent'
              AND Inv_AeX_AC_Client_Agent.[Build Number] >= @agentBuild -- 7.1 agents
              AND (  -- DO NOT COMMENT OUT THIS LINE
                   1 = 1 -- DO NOT COMMENT OUT THIS LINE

     --  no alternative than using LIKE as we do not know all the variations of OS name
     AND vComp.[OS Name] LIKE 'Microsoft Windows XP%'
      -- exclude XP less than service pack 2
      AND (vComp.[OS Revision] is null or vComp.[OS Revision] != '' and LOWER(vComp.[OS Revision]) not like '%service pack 1%') OR vComp.[OS Name] LIKE 'Microsoft Windows Server 2003%'
      -- exclude server 2003 less than service pack 2 - same applies for: server 2003 r2
     AND (vComp.[OS Revision] is null or vComp.[OS Revision] != '' and LOWER(vComp.[OS Revision]) not like '%service pack 1%') OR vComp.[OS Name] LIKE '%Vista%'
      -- true if null (not known) - assume supported
     AND (vComp.[OS Revision] is null or vComp.[OS Revision] != '')  OR vComp.[OS Name] LIKE '%Windows 7%' OR vComp.[OS Name] LIKE '%Windows 8%' OR(vComp.[OS Name] LIKE '%2008%' AND UPPER(id.[OS Type]) NOT LIKE '%CORE%')


AND id.Name = @name -- COMMENT OUT this line to see all potential package servers   

order by vComp.Name


Applies To

SMP 7.1.2