Virus definition downloads use significant disk space on the C drive


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


SMSMSE uses Symantec LiveUpdate to download virus definitions.  These virus definitions are downloaded to the Hawking directory (see article Virus Definition Update Methods Available for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) for details). Sometimes the size of the files in the directory is greater than one gigabyte.


Liveupdate saves some older versions of virus definitions.  They are removed as newer ones are downloaded.


Use the following steps to configure the size of the LiveUpdate cache:

1. Open the computer Control Panel.
2. Click on Symantec LiveUpdate which brings up the Live Update configuration window.
3. Click on the Update Cache tab.
4. Use the slider to configure the maximum disk space usage by LiveUpdate.
5. Click the Apply button then the OK button to close the window.

Technical Information

It is not possible to move the location of the LiveUpdate cache from the C drive.