BUG REPORT: Symantec Encryption Desktop (previously PGP Desktop) Errors when using Current Window function


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Desktop Email Encryption


The Current Window functionality is not working with many applications. An error message is shown and the current window is not decrypted.

This applies for all versions of Symantec Encryption Desktop.

"Symantec Encryption Desktop/ PGP Desktop could not automatically copy the text from your window"

Please check to make sure your text is in the window that last had input focus and try again. If PGP/Encryption Desktop still can't copy the text, the window you are trying to use may be a non-standard control. Please copy the text and perform the operation manually"


Current Release Notes State:

"Encrypt Current Window functionality in Microsoft Windows 7: Due to increased security provisions in Microsoft Windows 7, some applications do not allow encrypted text to be automatically pasted when using the Encrypt Current Window functionality in PGP Desktop. You will have to manually paste the encrypted text into the message. [27144]"

The issue also includes the Decrypt and Verify Current Window function.


There are currently no plans to address this issue by way of a hotfix or Maintenance Pack in the current versions of the software at the present time. 

As a workaround for the issue:
Manually copy and paste the encrypted text and use Current Clipboard instead of the Current Window feature.

Applies To

This issue can occur in many different environments and applications.

Windows XP and 7 this is noted to happen in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Outlook 2007 and 2010.

PGP Desktop 

Symantec Encryption Desktop