SWG INLINE behind an active-passive firewall cluster experiences kernel panic shortly after introducing traffic


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Web Gateway


After installing SWG in inline mode behind the passive node of an active-passive firewall cluster, the service starts without error. When you fail over the active node of the firewall cluster to force traffic through the SWG in INLINE mode, the SWG appliance blocks network traffic until you force the firewall cluster to return to its original state.


SWG appliance entered a kernel panic state when sk_buff->ip_summed was set to CHECKSUM_HW while sk_buff->csum did not contain a valid value.


If you believe you are experiencing this issue please upgrade to the latest version of Symantec Web Gateway, if you contiune to experience this issue and are running the most recent version please contact Symantec Technical Support for assistance.


To workaround this issue

  • Change the deployment of SWG appliance so that it is installed in Span/Tap mode.


Applies To

SWG is installed in INLINE mode behind the passive node of an active-passive firewall cluster.