Spam Email is never removed by Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) when Exchange reports error message: "This operation exceeds the throttling budget"


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Messaging Gateway


Spam email is not removed from the SESC-created SPAM submission folder.  Sometimes the spam submission folder is not created.

  • The Microsoft Exchange server has reported an error creating/reading an SESC subscription in the Windows Application Event log.

Log Name:      Application
Source:        MSExchange Web Services
Date:          2/16/2012 11:09:28 AM
Event ID:      22
Task Category: Core
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      Ex2010DC.2k8domain.test
An exception occurred while trying to read events for subscription [FwBleDIwMTBkYy4yazhkb21haW4udGVzdBAAAAAJ4VvqbKE1RKXWgVgLInM+te+PUOS6zgg=] against endpoint [http://sesc-3.2k8domain.test:8081/service.asmx]: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.OverBudgetException: This operation exceeds the throttling budget for policy part 'CAS', budget type: 'EWS'.  Suggested backoff time 19181 ms.
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.Budget.CheckOverBudget(CostType costType)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Services.Core.PushSubscription.BuildNotification()


NOTE:  The hostname in URL reported is the hostname of the SESC computer.

NOTE:  Ensure the error message is regarding the throttling budget for CAS and EWS.


SESC has encountered Exchange Client Throttling policies.  The EWS subscription could not be created.  Since the EWS subscription is not created spam submitted to the folder is not processed by SESC.

The specific policy encountered is listed in the error message:

This operation exceeds the throttling budget for policy part 'CAS', budget type: 'EWS'.

This corresponds to the EWSPercentTimeInCAS throttling policy.


Remove the Exchange client throttling policies for the SESC service account.  See the following article for steps: How to set the Exchange Web Services (EWS) throttling policy for Exchange 2010 for use with Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC).

Applies To

  • SESC 1.X