Determing the version, genlevel and Service Pack for CA XCOM for iSeries (AS400)?


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CA XCOM Data Transport


How to determine the version and genlevel and service pack for CA XCOM Data Transport for AS/400 i5/OS? How to find out what maintenance has been applied?


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for iSeries (AS400)




How to Determine the Genlevel

The command XCOMVER is used to determine the genlevel of CA XCOM Data Transport. When this command is executed, you are automatically placed in the CA XCOM Data Transport message queue, where a message is displayed with the version, genlevel and service pack. 

How to Determine What PTF's have been applied

The latest maintenance is determined by checking each object in the CA XCOM Data Transport library with the program XCOMPTF against the GA date of the release or service pack. The output is displayed in the XCOM message queue or in a file member. The latest version of any object that has had maintenance applied is listed. The description of the object shows the latest fix applied.

When the program executes, you are automatically placed in the XCOM message queue. See the following sample screen output.
From the command line, execute the program using the following command: 
XCOMPTF libraryname

What can I do if neither of these commands work or I only want to check one module?

Do an DSPOBJD XCOMS *PGM    (for example)
Select 5 and read the text which gives the version number of XCOMS.
Repeat this for XCOMR.
These are the two main XCOM modules.

Additional Information

NOTE: Starting with version 11.0 SP1, all maintenance is cumulative. Previous to that level, all maintenance was standalone apars.

Refer to our online documentation for more details and screen shots.