How to allow specific file extensions


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Messaging Gateway


A requirement to allow specific file extensions has arisen.


First it is needed to create an Attachment List with the file extensions

  1. Open the Control Center
  2. Click on Content button
  3. Select the Attachment Lists
  4. Click on Add button
  5. Type a name to the new Attachment List
  6. Select the classes of files or type the file extensions and add to the Attachment Types field.
  7. Save the Attachment List

Create the content rule

  1. Click on Content button
  2. Click on Add button
  3. Click on Select button to create a blank policy
  4. Type a name to the new content policy
  5. Select the direction of the blocked policy (inbound or outbound or both)
  6. Click on Add button to add a Condition
  7. Select File Metadata
  8. Select "Is in the Attachment List"
  9. In front of the above option, select the name of attachment list that it was created
  10. Select the Add Condition button
  11. Click on Add button to choose the Action
  12. Select the "Deliver message normally" option on "Configure An Action" window and click on Add Action
  13. Select the group or groups that you enable this rule

Move the new content rule

  1. Put the cursor above of the new content rule and drop box to above of the rule that blocked the other file extensions.

Test the new content rule.