How to renew a VIP account or convert a VIP trial account to a full account


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VIP Authentication Service VIP Enterprise Gateway



VIP Trial accounts are converted to full accounts when the sales transaction is complete. To place an order, or to check on the status if an existing order, please contact the vendor the software was purchased from. Or, contact Symantec at 1-866-423-1741

VIP account renewals may not automatically renew.  If your account does not renew, the token order may expire as well. To renew your account if it has already expired:

  1. Contact your Sales Representative or account manager to begin the renewal process. To reach Symantec Sales directly, please call 1-866-423-1741. 
    1. Be sure to explain the renewal process to the customer.
    2. Let the customer know they need to obtain Sales approval and that it might take 24 hours or more to complete.
  2. If the account already expired:
    1. Contact Symantec Technical Support and request a case be created to track the renewal. 
    2. Obtain approval from your sales rep to extend the account while the renewal is being processed, and if any tokens should be added to the account. .
    3. Once the approval is received, have the sales person add a note to the Technical Support case. 
    4. Technical support will reach out to the Enterprise Authentication team to process the temporary extension.
    5. Once the order is processed and the account is fully active, allow support to close the case.