Automatically create as many Policy Groups as desired in Messaging Gateway


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This document contains instructions and steps on how to automatically create any desired number of Policy Groups in a Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) appliance.


The script provided in this article will create the desired number of Policy Groups, each one constructed as follows:

  • Name: "Group<number>"
  • Member: "user<number>"


Automatically create Policy Groups

  1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox:

  2. Install the 'iMacros' add-on:

  3. Download the iMacro file named "SMG_PolicyGroups.iim" from the attachments section below.

  4. Edit the file and enter the correct IP address of the SMG appliance in place of "<your_SMG_IP>"

  5. Copy the iMacro file to the predefined macros folder in iMacros (check the iMacros add-on settings for the folder's location).

  6. Open Firefox and connect to the SMG Control Center.

  7. Open the 'iMacros' side pane by clicking on the icon next to the 'home page' one.

  8. The iMacro named "SMG_PolicyGroup.iim" should be visible in the side pane.

  9. Select the file and click on the "Play" tab below, then enter the number of desired groups to create under the "Repeat Macro" section.

  10. When ready, click the "Play (Loop)" button to start the automatic groups creation.


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Applies To

This article may be useful for testing purposes on the following Messaging Gateway versions: 9.5.2, 9.5.3


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