Evaluation jobs and Collection-Evaluation-Reporting jobs fail with error. Results show 'unknown'


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


In Control Compliance Suite (CCS), Reporting and Analytics (R&A), Evaluation jobs and Collection-Evaluation-Reporting (CER) jobs fail to evaluate with an error in the failures tab.  Additionally, evaluation results appear as 'unknown'. 

Additional testing will confirm that after performing a "successful" asset import, an investigation of ADAM with ADSIEDIT will result in not finding the Asset ID in the error message under O=Symantec, CN=BsuinessObjects, CN=Asset Management, CN=Asset System.  Additionally it is possible to perform a "successful" data collection.  Examination of the data collection details under the particular asset in the asset system will show correct data collected.  Unfortunately since the Asset ID does not exist in ADAM, subsequent Evaluations will fail.

Failed to retrieve data from SQL for asset <Asset ID>, standard <Standard ID>.


This behavior may be attributed to a mismatch in PCU levels between RMS and R&A installations.


Apply PCUs to bring the RMS PCU levels up to the same level as R&A.  Keep in mind that when aplying PCUs to the RMS Data Collector, PCU 2011-3 must be installed prior to installing PCU 2011-4.

Applies To

CCS 10.5.1, PCU 2011-4

RMS 10.5.1 no subsequent PCUs applied