Using PGP Zip to Include Multiple Files to One or Multiple Output Files


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This article describes how to use PGP Zip to zip (encrypt) multiple files to multiple output files.



By default, when encrypting multiple files with PGP Zip, the output file is created as a single file.  PGP Zip also allows you to specify during the encryption process to create multiple output files for the PGP Zip.

Use  the following steps to create a PGP Zip with multiple output files.

1. Select the desired multiple files and then right-click and select PGP Desktop.


2. Click on PGP Zip Advanced Options.

3. Place a check mark next to Do not zip (output files individually).



By checking above option, when PGP Zip encrypts multiple files the output will be multiple files and not just a single file.


Applies To

Windows XP and Windows 7