CCS checks with String values are failing in R&A to scan a Windows 2008 registry. Error: “Query for “WNT.REGISTRY” from server failed.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Set “MSS: (ScreenSaverGracePeriod) The time in seconds before the screen saver grace period expires (0 recommended)” to 0 by setting HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ScreenSaverGracePeriod=0


Error: “Query for “WNT.REGISTRY” from server failed.


No data available.  This could be because no data items were returned for the Evaluation Condiition or no data items matched the Data item filter.



Verify thast the registry key that is being searched exists on the target OS.



Verify if a RMS query gets registry key data back.

To try connecting to the remote registry of the remote machine
Start> regedit> File>Connect Network Registry > modify location >(drill down to key)

Verify WMI
right click my computer>>manage>Action>Copnnect to another computer... >select another computer - enter name >ok>expand Services and Applications>WMI Control (right click - select properties) > should show successfully connected to hostname and more info
If not enable WMI on target host should resolve issue.

Verify if the registry key exists.  (verify in remote registry as well as local regedit.)

If the registry key exists, verify on how the key was created.  If the key was created via GPO, remove the key and create the registry key manually.

Then rerun the standard using just one check containing the key.

Applies To

1. please verify or indicate what version CCS you have installed - the case notes indicate 9.0? --> 10.50.530.20200

2. Please verify or indicate what was the latest PCU or update that you have applied? -> 2011-4

3. Please verify or indicate what version OS that you have CCS data Collections installed on? -> 2003 SP2 32 bit

4. adminpak.msi installed on RMS console

Please read the following article as reference if needed;

Article URL:

Target host -> MS 2008 R2


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