SCSP 5.2 RU8 MP3 Release notes and AIX Agent attached


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Critical System Protection


On AIX servers with the SCSP prevention feature enabled, system performance noticably degrades when running a large number of active processes.

Symantec Critical System Protection on AIX comes with kernel modules. These modules are not registered correctly with the ODM (Object Data Manager) classes. This causes SCSP to conflict with other kernel module installations that occur after SCSP installation.


When enabling the AIX MODS (Memory Overlay Detection System), a deferred-free or redzoned memory read error is created in the AIX system error log after the installation of the SCSP agent.


The SCSP 5.2 RU8 MP3 agent hotfix resolves these issues.



Known issues

Installation issue: On AIX 6.1 and 5.3 where IPS and RT-FIM is supported, option 17 (for entering the prevention group) is not available for interactive installation

Impacted versions: SCSP agent 5.2.8 MP1 and newer.
Impacted platforms: AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1

Solutions/Work around:
1.       Set configuration group after installation via SCSP console.
2.       Use silent install.


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