Can time spans be applied on data partitions?


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Data Partition constraints and stored queries share similar aspects and resemblances.  Users may try to use Timespans (Eg. PAST_WEEK, TODO_TODAY, LAST_MONTH) in data partition constraints.

Is it possible to use timespans with data partitioning?


CA Service Desk (all versions)


Data partitions are a functionality that apply a specific condition alongside a given backend SELECT statement, similar to Stored Queries.  That additional entry to the SELECT statement WHERE clause will only support a time span from one location, which is the Stored Queries.  This is by design as what can happen is two separate where clauses, one from Stored Queries and the other from Scoreboards, that both have had time spans entered, which can cause confusion in the where clause layout.

An unsupported method to workaround this would be to include spel code that would flag a given ticket as viewable depending on the time of day.