Symantec Scan Engine(SSE)/Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) and leap years


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How does SSE/SPE handle leap years and is it “leap year compliant?”


SSE/SPE does not include any clock in itself.

The time which SSE/SPE uses is which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) gets from system.

JRE gets the time from System and converts the time to Unix time.

So if customers doubt about the “leap year compliant” in SSE/SPE, please ask them to confirm with the OS maker and JRE maker.

If OS and JRE are compliant with leap years, there is no problem for SSE/SPE.

Additionally, there are no such cases that reported in 2008 and 2004.


Until now there is no leap year compliant issue has been reported in SSE/SPE.

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Symantec Scan Engine/Symantec Protection Engine

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